Happy “MayDay”

Erin FH Hughes is the Curator of Collections.  She spends a lot of her time making sure the collection is properly cared for while using our artifacts to educate the public. 

MayDay is here! Why is that special for Museums and other Cultural Institutions? Today, hundreds of libraries, archives and museums will take the time to prepare for emergencies.  Promoted by Heritage Preservation and other members of the Heritage Emergency Task Force, MayDay encourages organizations to take one step to protect the items and sites they hold in trust. This could mean reviewing an existing disaster plan, putting together emergency kits, meeting with local fire and police officials, or starting to write out a disaster plan. Last year the Evanston History Center reviewed the details of our emergency systems (e.g. how to turn off the water and how to hand crank the elevator down if it gets stuck) and downloaded the free Emergency Response IPhone app. This year we are reviewing our emergency contacts and procedures.

MayDayHeritage Preservation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the United States. By identifying risks and providing broad public access to expert advice, they assist museums, archives and other organizations, helping them care for their heritage. Although they primarily focus on formal organizations, every personal collection can benefit!

To ring in MayDay 2014, Heritage Preservation will be posting preparedness tips on its Facebook page every Monday during the month of May.

Join the EHC, and thousand of other institutions, and learn more about the simple steps you can take to better prepare for emergencies and to protect your collection.

Here are several other resources to get you started:
Field Guide to Emergency Response
Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel
Smithsonian Resources
Council of State Archivists Pocket Response Plan (PReP)



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