Week 5

Well, as my dad would say – in reference to the adage about Murphy’s Law – “Its time for old Murph to get in the act.” In other words, we have run into some unexpected conditions on our horizontal boring. Apparently, when Robert Sheppard and architect Henry Edwards-Ficken built this house, they wanted to be good and sure it had a solid foundation. Sitting precariously close to a capricious body of water, on nothing but sand…it was probably a good idea. And would account for the structural integrity we currently enjoy. However, our horizontal borers are having difficulty getting through what appears to be a pretty solid wall of rocks. We have tried just about every angle and depth and still can’t get through. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we have had a television shoot here this week, with the incumbent army of production people and equipment. And a wedding. And the President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation stopped by. Very exciting! We were proud to show her our work. So, please forgive us as we cut back a little on our tour hours during the week so we can finish some of our interior work.

The picture shows how the ground was shored up to the terrace.

dawes side no shrubs


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