The Evanston History Center is Going Green!

We are pleased to announce that the Evanston History Center is making history! In order to provide a safer climate for conserving Evanston’s historical artifacts, we have begun the installation of a geo-thermal heating and cooling system at the Dawes House. Geothermal energy is renewable and sustainable, as well as more economical. For the first time, the Dawes House will be air-conditioned, providing year-round comfort for our collection, visitors, and staff. We are grateful to the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for their grant assistance on this project. Please follow our blog to view the progress of this exciting addition to our services and important step forward for the History Center.

The project begins in August and will be finished by December, 2013. The Evanston History Center will be open for tours and events throughout the project. We may have occasional spot closures and circumscribed services, but we will try to keep them to a minimum and provide as much notice on the website as is possible.

Week 1: The fencing that will safeguard the geo-thermal wells has been put in place. We were sorry to lose several ash trees on the property, however, this was necessitated by the ash-borer infestation. When the project is complete, we will restore the landscape, and plant several new trees. The Research Room is closed for the month of August.


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